Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Theme 23

Hey guys, sorry for the late post, I've been busy with finishing some work before Thanksgiving. But here's the new theme for this week:


I'm actually using this theme from scaDRAW: , only because it seemed appropriate for this week's holiday. You can either interpret it as one of the deadly sins, or just as excessive eating and drinking. Be sure to save some leftovers and have a happy Thanksgiving!

In before new theme

So I'm certain, as artists, we've all felt these situations, where at first you're like "sweet! I get to be apart of this awesome thing!" or "Great! Someone likes my work enough to want to get a lot of it!" or something similarly unrelated. And then not very far into the future you are full of "sour" feelings when you start to get unreasonable requests. Deadlines get a couple weeks shaved off, or you're asked to do a project without payment because "It would look good on your portfolio" or they think "you just love what you are doing so much that you need an opportunity to have an open canvas" or whatever weird thing that has been made up because people seem to think art is free. In the event you don't know what I'm talking about, which I doubt, just peruse around the craigslist want ads for art/media/design.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm so clever.

Alright... Sweet and Sour. Here, have some double meaning with my creepy, candy-eating lizard gal.
A lovely lizard-looking lady leisurely licks a lemon lollipop.
Okay, I didn't use the phrase in there this time, but check out that alliteration, man.

I don't really think lizards should have boobs..? But don't get me started. I'm sure it's a pinup to someone, lol. Anyhoo. It was fun to draw. Style experimenting; all digital. I like the look of sketch lines still there. Her hidden arm bothers me. >__o
Uh. Enjoy?


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Theme 22

Well this week's theme died, so let's revive this blog with a brand-new theme given from our lovely Katie Green, who happened to be the only one that submitted for this week (Shame on me...).

Anyway theme 22 is:

"Sweet and Sour"

Try to have fun with this one guys and draw draw draw!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

There was a point in here somewhere...

yup.... that's 'bout all I could come up with. Enjoy your stereoscopy.
Man, I love that word, and how no one can ever pronounce it right, and how it kinda applies to the above image, but not really because it's a reference to film.

Anyway, in case any of you Barbie's are having trouble looking at this, here is a link to some helpful tips I found in the INTERNET for you.

I'm lookin' forward to everyone else's entries after work tomorrow.



P.S. People don't get the picture at first without knowing about this blog. I think that's pretty funny.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Theme 21

Well this week was spadoodles of fun! So let's get on with this week's new theme shall we?

Theme 21 is:

"Let's cut to the chase!"

I'm posting this too late, time to sign out. Good night!

My second idea.

Well as you can tell, this is a last minute idea since this week was too busy for me to finish the other one. And yes, I love turkey legs! I was really craving one while drawing this.

By a nose....

I almost forgot this week... shame shame.

And so, the Wild Rumpus began! And all the wild things followed the King and rolled their yellow eyes and growled their terrible growls all over the island. Little did they know... one of them was a total fan art impostor. =P

haha, it's a stretch, I know.
Just saw the movie; it's my new favorite. Not just for the nostalgia value, either.
Also, I made a fan wild thing. Laugh if you wish. But he's awesome.

EDIT: oh, all traditional this time. my inking needs practice. =\


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We don't know that much about American history

Okay, so this is early and a quick sketch, so more than likely I'll submit a second, more finished piece this weekend, but I did a comic a few days ago that fit the theme pretty well.

This is based on an actual conversation me and my wife had about the Twilight series. Now neither of us have read the books, but we heard about one scene in particular that was struck upon during conversation, which led to my "elitist" comment about nonfiction books.

Little did I know . . .

True story.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Theme 20

Alrighty then, onward to the next theme!

Theme 20 is

"Little did he(or she) know..."

...he knew nothing, I'm kidding. Just finish this statement and draw!

The Lurking Kitty.

I'm not sure if this image was inspired by the cat in Katie's picture but I know I wanted to use something that had a nice silhouette. And although this is a rough draft, it was fun to go nuts with my graphite pencils. I hope everyone had a good Halloween!

What lurks in the sh-OH SNAP! IT'S BATMAN!!

So, in my head, this is at least five times more awesome. There was supposed to be a parade of kittens behind Batman, but they got cut out because Snake's gun took FOREVER to draw. So yah. The two baddest stealth guys in the world drawn by a pooey artist who can't finish stuff.

We Lurk

Not sure what's lurking in YOUR shadows, but if you wanna look in mine...

Felt like using something I'm less familiar with, just india ink.