Friday, October 30, 2009

shadow lurker..

It was about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning sometime last week. I'd been having trouble sleeping, so I had literally spent the entire night watching this Korean drama/soap opera thing about a girl pretending to be her twin brother in an all boy band because her brother had some strange injury to his lip or something. I wasn't paying that much attention to the fine details to be honest. But there I was, early-o'clock in the morning, and hungry. I figured, "hey, the sun is coming up soon, I might as well get a bite to eat and watch it rise just before I finally go to bed."

I get downstairs, and it's dark, and raining outside. I think I had stubbed my toe on a can of cat food that was just hanging out on the floor. "WHAT was the can of cat food doing there anyway?!" Oh well, I was hungry, on ward to make my cereal! Unfortunately, that was in the cabinet was an unopened box of rice crispies. Not really my choice cereal, but again, I was hungry. Fixed myself up a good sized bowl of rice crispies. I could still hear them popin' away when I went to put the milk away in the fridge.

You know, it's pretty relaxing to just sit there, in the dark, chompin' away at my rice crispies, and listening to the rain fall. My eyes were tired from being open all night long, and my muscles were unnecessarily sore, but it was a nice relaxing moment to have just before going to bed. I was about to finish up my cereal when I heard a loud "CRASH" and a POUND against the window. It startled the death right out of me. I looked at the window and saw two golden eyes staring back at me, and then I knocked my milk over, and the remainder of my cereal flew up in the air and landed all over the table cloth.

Once the milk settled into the table cloth and place mats, I heard a faint "meow" from the other side of the window, it was my damn cat. His fur is all black. Mom named him Salem, so original. See, the railing on the porch comes right up to the window there, and he jumped up on it to get my attention. I opened the curtains and found that he had knocked a plant pot over that used to be sitting where he now was. "YOU DAMN CAT!" I wasn't really mad at him. It was raining, he was soaked, so I let him in, and then he rubbed his wet black fur all over our white couches. I cleaned up the milk, and went to bed.

True story. Scared the hell out of me.

Any-who, there it is! Story and a picture. Happy Halloween peeps! I've got work today, and then it's my sisters actual 21st birthday party all night, so... I'm out for the rest of the weekend. Figured I'd get it up now. I originally wanted to animate this, but illness and time got the better of me. Happy Halloween, and Daylight Savings day right after that.

Set your clocks back.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Theme 19

I have to say guys, this week's theme was a great turn out! Let's keep the momentum going.

Theme 19 is:

"Lurking from the Shadows"

On another note, I sent an e-mail saying that you guys can submit anytime on the weekends instead of only Saturday. I just wanted make sure there was no more confusion about the submission deadlines. So go in the shadows and draw!

Some of my Things have Wings

Been using a more traditional medium since my laptop is sick. Here is a group of different characters who all have wings. From foreground to background they are Butterfly, Eliza, Lady Catharsa, Phynxin, Agoura and Void. I decided they've been hangin' around my sketchbooks for a while so a new drawing will give them a chance to spread their wings...


In other news, glad to see everyone so enthusiastic for the drawathon comeback. Hopefully we can keep it up! (says the guy who puts his up a day late)

Those darn things with wings on my shoulders

Things with Wings - Monarch's Henchmen

#24: Oh my God! They're staring at us! We look like total jackasses! That Justin guy's got an awesome dragon dude up! We don't even have real wings!
#21 : Ppff! As if we could! A normal human being would not be physically able to take flight with a wingspan smaller than 80 ft. Do some research for once, God!
#24: Look! They got swine flu and dragons! What have we got?
#21: Coccoon guns! Duh! And don't tell The Monarch this, but I totally swagged a custom-made Gears of War lancer on ebay with company money! We can totally pwn any of these guys!
#24: You're not even speaking English now.

The Exhausted Little Wizard.

Alright, this is my first submission in this blog! I wish I could have digitally painted this, but unfortunately my Wacom stylus is missing. Anyway, the story is about a wizard's apprentice trying to create a unique creature for himself. But he falls asleep against his cauldron before he could discover that all his work wasn't in vain.

Things With Wings - Six Swans

Oops. Sorry for the late entry, folks; I thought it was due today. This is more of a sketch than anything finished, for the fairytale "Six Swans" (Or was it seven swans? I forget). The story is about a young woman whose six or seven brothers were turned into swans by a wicked witch, and who had to do a number of things, including sewing shirts for her brothers, to turn them back to humans again. Painted with Seashore, a cute little mac app that acts a little like Painter.

Welcome back!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thingies with wingies

The noble guardian of the thicket took his job of protecting its delicate creatures quite seriously. Quite seriously, indeed. It was because of this that the frolicsome grove sprites simply adored him; but they noticed he never really wanted to play. They were simply unaware that the gentle beast, though brave and kind, was not very fond of these little things with wings.

See what I did there? lol
Almost slept through submission time... yipes (I'm EST). Anyhoo... all Photoshop, from sketch to finish. Not my usual media at all; just thought I'd try on my illustration hat, I suppose. Experiment successful. Critters are from my story universe... thingy; hence the storybook treatment.

This is fun!


Dusting Off The Cobwebs

Dragon men?! In teh skies?

You don't wanna be under that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wings with Things....

I guess this is like my 'initiation' post on the weekly sketch-a-blog. Posting a bit early, but I've got stuff going on this weekend, hope you don't mind. Anyway, I wanted to tackle the mass-appeal to over-reacting when they hear words without actually knowing what it means. So, with consideration to the past two animal entitled influenzas, here is my crossover Aviation-pig-sick!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Theme 18 and...Welcome Back Everyone!

Well, I'm happy to say we're all back. So let's kick it up high in this week's theme!

Theme 18 is:

"Things with Wings"

The due date is on Oct 24. So get on a thing with wings and draw!