Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm so clever.

Alright... Sweet and Sour. Here, have some double meaning with my creepy, candy-eating lizard gal.
A lovely lizard-looking lady leisurely licks a lemon lollipop.
Okay, I didn't use the phrase in there this time, but check out that alliteration, man.

I don't really think lizards should have boobs..? But don't get me started. I'm sure it's a pinup to someone, lol. Anyhoo. It was fun to draw. Style experimenting; all digital. I like the look of sketch lines still there. Her hidden arm bothers me. >__o
Uh. Enjoy?



ChuD said...

Sooooo, I'm amusing this is who ChuD Iguana hooks up with at some point.

Teh Mutt said...

:o!! I'm telling Ivory Lamb, lol. On that note, tho... I have a doodle to finish and show you. :3

Redblood's shadow said...

I like the pic!

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