Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

As you can see the blog has been shut down for a bit due to the holidays. We'll resume the blog after the new year.

So... HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL and see you on the flip side next year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Theme 14

Well, thanks and hats off to Mike for last week's theme. Now, I'm rested and ready to dish out more themes! 

Theme 14 is:

"Scent of Pine"

Ready, Set, DRAW!!!

All that and A bag of Robots... I mean Chips

Here's my triumphant return! Kicking it off with a bang. These are characters from an animated series I'm developing. The lead guy thinks he's all that and he has his robot down below to add to his awesomeness. But what robot is that? We'll have to see dum dum DUM!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Theme 13

Ladies and gentlemen, the envelope has just come in.  The theme for this week is...*drum roll*...

"All That and a Bag of Chips"

Make what you want of that!  Todd is currently predisposed, so he's having me post this week's theme.  So get crackin' on those pictures / animations / other artwork, and we'll see what you all come up with by this weekend!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Comic Book Cover - WDAT Issue #1!!!

KA-POW!!!! Look out, kids...here comes issue #1 of the new hit comic series, "The Weekly Draw-a-thon!" OK, not really. But still, you know you wanna buy a copy!

For you fellow draw-a-thon-ers out there, see if you can guess who each one is. You'll get extra points if you can guess what their superhero names are!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Theme 12

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This week's theme 12. The Theme is: 

"Comic book cover" 

Make a cover for a make believe comic of your own creation. It can be the projects you're currently working on or a current superhero of your choice, or whatever. You can throw in title/custom title font but not required. 

Ready, set,... Draw!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Knight and the Spirit

I'm back baby! And with a vengeance. Okay, well not much a vengeance. But I'm back. Here's a quick comp with some add designs to go along with it. I originally intended for a background of a ruined castle. Sorta a corrupted knight due to the spirit. Oh, well. I tossed in some grays to knock back things. The overly dynamic hands can be blamed on my recent obsession with manga group CLAMP's work. Curse you and your amazing artwork, CLAMP! Oh, caught something. The design of the Knight is off balance. LOLz for bad posing! Enjoy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knight and Spirit

A quick sketch for the week. Look out knight guy! The spirit's gonna get ya!

Knight and the Spirit

Another quickie which could use a lot of help, but this isn't one of those that I want to go back and fix. Ah, well. At least I learned a bit from putting it together. =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Theme 11

Wow, must be some kinda epidemic. OH, that Life thing haha gets in all of our businesses. Any ways a new theme for this week and I will make sure at least I participate this week. 

Theme 11: "The Knight and the spirit"

Now go my noble artists!


"The Key" -- Private Eye!

Introducing Detective Joe "The Key" Lime (I'm keeping the puns coming, Todd)! He's a private-eye working down in the coastal regions of Florida. He's got a taste for Tequila, little taste for funny business, and even less taste for crime. For a long time he's been in hot pursuit of a villain known only as the "The Citrus Squeezer Geezer", and one day (if he doesn't get made into juice first) he will catch that bandit.

The drawing itself isn't quite finished. I did a quick paint job and threw it up here, but I'd like to clean it up a bit later maybe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Theme 10

Wow, this is really late so I hope you all got the email. If not I apologize I've been crazy with life lately. Anyways, Theme 10 is:

"The Key"

Good luck

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Play the Game

To some, it's much more than a game...

Play the game--chess

Quickie this time. I hate chess; I'm not at all good at it. I do a bit better with go. Still, I had a chess/checkers set in my closet, so here we are!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Theme 9

Here's theme 9 for this week: 

"Play the Game"

Saturday, November 1, 2008


"Oh man he looks hungry..."GASP!" He must be after my CANDY!"

So, this was a fun topic, so I decided to try something fun. I've never done a drawing in flash, so this was my 1st attempt.


Fast sketch again. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and these people are going to be inhabiting my head for the next twenty-nine days. As if they haven't been there all summer. The three on the right are the main characters; the grown-up and little girl on the left are supporting cast. (Smoking is bad, kids.)

The thing about fast sketches is that they show you EXACTLY where your problem areas are. I just didn't think there'd be so many. I really need to get in some more practice at drawing figures quickly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Scattered Dream - Round Up the Suspects

Like last week, didn't get to making only but a quick comic.  One could say this illustrates how I think, and explain why I get some funny looks...

Also, I'll give a $1 to the first person who can figure out EXACTLY what all 5 suspects are.  (hint: the hardest is #4).  Have fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Theme 8

In spirit of the season this week's theme is a no brainer: Pokemon... *ahem* I mean 

Theme 8 : "Halloween"  DUH. Come on, you saw it coming. And I'll see you all at the end of the week.

(Note: It was brought to my attention that Halloween was spelled wrong, I have corrected that above from Holloween. Apparently I am stupid. Well, it's fixed)

Scattered Dream

Color version coming soon. And by soon I mean tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


A simple piece for this theme. I kinda took it half-literally.

Scattered Dream--Baku

Baku attack!  I wanted to draw baku when Todd told me the topic this week.  Baku are from Japanese mythology; they're made up of parts of different animals (ox tails, elephant trunks, tiger feet) and are said to eat dreams and grant good luck.  I couldn't resist adding on spots, stripes, horns, and a healthy dose of cuteness.  So they're almost-baku, who eat almost-dreams (from when you're only half-asleep) and who are almost lucky.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Theme 7

Wow, what a no show. Either no one liked the theme or we've lost members, haha.  Well, here's theme 7 anyway:

"A Scattered Dream"

Good luck

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Uninvited Guests--Spike

. . . if I have to explain how this relates to the theme, I have totally failed. Quick sketch/study, also known as "Spike forgot about the deadline AGAIN." My favorite part of this is definitely the face of the little bear on the right. I think I'm starting to get the hang of what I can and can't manage quickly for these sketches, so it's going to be a matter of refining the technique for the next one. I wish I had started earlier! Hope you guys enjoy it a little, though. =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look at Me - Admiral Percival Scope

For this week I didn't get to finished this.  In fact, it's still in the rough sketch / yet-to-be-finalized-idea stage.  I'd like to complete it in the near future though, so once I do keep your eyes peeled around either here or on my blog.

Above are sketches of a character I'm working on, named "Admiral Percival Scope", or Perry Scope for short (and just when Todd thought I wouldn't sneak a pun in there somewhere).  Actually that's a double pun, because the esteemed admiral is quite short.  He's got quite the Napoleonic complex, and to cover for his lack of height he wears a gigantic periscope helmet.   In his words, it's to see his enemies before they see him; though most know that it's his vicarious attempt to tower over his subordinates.  As for the poor fellow at attention next to him, we'll tentatively call him "Ensign Resign" (as in giving in, subservient).  "Full speed ahead to the drawing board, men!"

Theme 6

The 6th theme in our on going series:

"Uninvited Guests"

Now you gotta ask yourself one question, "do I feel lucky?" Then draw punK!

Look at me! Saturday Night Fe-VAH!

It's been a long week. Time to Par-ty! That's right he's saying "look at me, I can dance like John Travolta!" Just something quick since I've been quite busy this week. For some reason I felt this sketch merit inking. Unfortunately a lot of the energy was sucked out in the ink like many of my inks of the past. I'm out of practice. Well, hopefully the colors will revive the energy, haha! Dance the night away baby!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look at me! --self-portrait

Hey, folks! I thought of portraiture when I saw this week's subject. The pic is fairly similar to the photo I used for reference, but oddly the photo looks rather unlike me. Anyhow, this is me, or at least a me that I caught in a badly shot photo the other day. I look rather manly. o_O Just a quick sketch, really.

Oh, yeah, and I got caught up on comments! Starting with Mike's leaf for "In The Falling Snow" I have given everyone from then till now a comment, so I can fall behind anew this week. =/

Look At Meeeeee!!!!

Wait, on second thought, probably a good idea not to look at her, unless you like getting stoned. Another all-photoshop drawing. I kinda like this one so I'm gonna continue working on it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Theme 5

Hold on to your hats katz and kittens cause here comes Theme 5!!! This week's theme is:

"Look at Me!"

So stop, look, and draw!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out of the Earth!!

"We join our heroes in the midsts of battle against the fiendish rock beast! They think they have him out numbered but it seems it's calling some of his friends to the party..."
Just a sketch this time. Been trying to work on blocking in characters and composition quicker and better and less messily.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paper Airplane--Out of Earth

Been a busy week, so I've just got a little doodle for you guys. I'm gonna comment on last week's drawings--you guys all did awesome work--but I'm beat right now. Hope you enjoy, & can't wait to see what this week's drawings are! =)

Earth Creature

All done in photoshop. I was lookin at a couple of photos I took at Tybee for the environment. I wish that there were guys like this at the beach.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeah its after the deadline, you bums can deal with it!

what's he looking at?

no clue.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

In the Falling Snow -- "Last Leaf"

First off, I know this is past the deadline!  So I guess I'd be disqualified if this was a contest.  Fortunately it's not...mwhahaha!  So now I go on to post.

For this piece I was just experimenting with a painterly / collage style in Photoshop, often using a Wacom tablet (used Illustrator at the beginning too).  Fun to work on!  I really need to investigate making my own custom brushes, or checking out the site Spike posted.  Enjoy!

P.S. -- A friend of mine pointed out that I was unintentionally making a pun off the word "fall" in "In the Falling Snow" by making a reference to the last leaf of fall.  I guess this is becomming a reoccurring theme of mine...

Theme 4

Wow is it already the 4th theme. Cool. Good job everyone and keep crank'n away. This Week's theme is:

"Out of the Earth." 

Good luck!

The Falling Snow Samurai

Watch your back when the snow falls or else the Falling Snow Samurai (Say that 3x's fast) will cut you down. I really want to tweak that background for portfolio purposes cause this did turn out decently. I really like the outline free style just forgot how stink'n long it takes. Flash and trusty Wacom tablet.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Done all in Photoshop with a couple custom brushes.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Fast sketch in Photoshop using some custom brushes (a few of which are from brusheezy.com). Unfortunately I couldn't get Robert Frost poetry out of my head while drawing it. I don't even like Robert Frost.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Theme 3

Another fantastic week everyone! I'm glad everyone is so into it and participating. Keep it up!

This week's theme is : "In the Falling Snow"

Got it? Then go to it my artistic minions!!!! Bwahahahaha!


Yep the straggler again. I'm taking this in steps, haha! I delivered a more cleaned up pic but still no color. Though color would do this justice. Penciled in one day! Wowzers. Haven't done a city scape in a while. So to make up for the no color here's some concept art that looks better than the final product, haha!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Industry - Factory?

Mixing it up a bit!
Once I stop being lazy (sometime Sunday maybe) I'll put it up correctly with a page in flash so you can see it betterz.

Oh Gobstoppers, why can I not keep you from my mouth?

EDIT: Oh right, Flash, Wacom Tablet, GOBSTOPPERS.

Industrial = Mass Produce

Here's my entry for the week!  I did some word association with the word "industrial" and got "mass produce".  And then, in classic Mike fashion (or more like Todd fashion), I made that a play on words and came up with mechanical fruit & veggies, i.e. "mass produce".  You all can beat me up later for the pun.

As for making it, I used Photoshop, a Wacom tablet, and Illustrator just for a little bit.  And now I'm going to eat some dinner because I'm hungry.  Keep up the good work everyone!

UPDATE: So I messed with the color a little more, and pushed the contrast.   Like it better than before.

Industrial: Lady Industry

I think I'm going to be the odd one out in this bunch in terms of style. This is not as finished as I would like, but it's all right considering the small amount of time I put into it. Probably full-color digital paintings are not the best thing to be producing on a weekly basis. I'll have to find some style or process more fitting for this. . . Hope you all like this one.

Industrial eh?

Nothing says industrial like a crudely drawn comic! Yay!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Topic 2

Good job guys good warm up round! We got some good stuff coming out and it only can get better. Ready for round 2? This week's topic is (drum roll please)....

Your interpretation of Industry or Industrial 

Like always it's open to interpretation and you can get as creative as you want. If you want to do a social commentary on the industrial world, cool. If you want to illustrate the beauty of the Industrial Revolution with flowers, imps, and prettiness, more power to ya. Have fun and see you at the end of next week! Good luck!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amp it up- Syncro Style

First off, I'm sorry for the unfinished pic. Not intentional. But unfortunately unforseen job hours and events happend. Not to mention I had a lot of correcting to do with this unique angle. Thus it never made past rough pencils. Though I intend to finish it!

Excuses aside, if you remember my TV show/ Senior Project (working title "Syncro-Harmony") you'll be a bit familiar with these characters. I redesigned them to show them older. The girl is Chloe, Bass is the one in the boy to the left, and Black Noise looking all cool takes the back seat. Look for the final version, it will be up soon! AMP IT UP!

Amp it Up! --Lightning

Numerous science shows have assured me that it is not necessarily the voltage, but the amperage, which causes electrocution. . . good to know, right? Though maybe it's not quite what you guys were expecting.

Photoshop, wacom tablet, and a slew of custom brushes (as usual). I have never posted with Blogger before, so I hope this displays properly. I swear I will learn to paint clouds someday--this was rushed. I hope you all like it! =)

Needs more fire!

Mechanical armored super heroes like to rock too ya know. Done all in photoshop on my tablet.

Can You Ride Like This?

So, I think my plans for the finished drawing weren't exactly realistic considering my time constraints, but since I got the main part done I'm pretty happy. Also, I've never done a motorcycle before, so I really wanted to get that right. Everything was done in Flash with a Wacom Tablet (THANKS FORREST!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Theme 1!

"Amp it up" 

That's your theme kids. Get as creative as you want with it! Remember Due date is next Saturday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Deadlines and Guidelines

Okay, here's the skinny- 

A week runs from Sunday to Saturday.
- New subjects /objectives will be announced on Sunday 
- All work is due the Saturday of that week, no exact time but try to make it on Saturday so it's fair to everyone else

- Have lots of fun
- Nothing Offensive or that could be seen offensive to others on the blog
- NO pornographic, hentai, or overly sexual content. Though, strategically placed shadows, hair, clothing, ect. are fine. 
- Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged
- Keep comments/ critiques civil. Nothing offensive, degrading, derogatory, or with intent to hurt feelings.
- Have fun
- and draw draw draw! 

Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome to the Weekly Draw-a-thon blog! Started by SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Alumni in order to keep ourselves fresh and still drawing. 'Cause in the art industry you can never stop drawing. Basically like every other "weekly drawing" blog out there we intend to come up with a concept for each week and create a visual representation of the said concept. Then we start all over the next week. Pretty straight forward no? 

Guidelines coming soon.