Saturday, November 14, 2009

There was a point in here somewhere...

yup.... that's 'bout all I could come up with. Enjoy your stereoscopy.
Man, I love that word, and how no one can ever pronounce it right, and how it kinda applies to the above image, but not really because it's a reference to film.

Anyway, in case any of you Barbie's are having trouble looking at this, here is a link to some helpful tips I found in the INTERNET for you.

I'm lookin' forward to everyone else's entries after work tomorrow.



P.S. People don't get the picture at first without knowing about this blog. I think that's pretty funny.


Sean Ross Williams said...

I see the image . . . but how do you make these?

Also, stereoscopy sounds like an ear exam or something.

Katie Green said...


vanelis41 said...

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