Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thingies with wingies

The noble guardian of the thicket took his job of protecting its delicate creatures quite seriously. Quite seriously, indeed. It was because of this that the frolicsome grove sprites simply adored him; but they noticed he never really wanted to play. They were simply unaware that the gentle beast, though brave and kind, was not very fond of these little things with wings.

See what I did there? lol
Almost slept through submission time... yipes (I'm EST). Anyhoo... all Photoshop, from sketch to finish. Not my usual media at all; just thought I'd try on my illustration hat, I suppose. Experiment successful. Critters are from my story universe... thingy; hence the storybook treatment.

This is fun!



Sean Ross Williams said...

Do you usually only do strictly traditional work?

I like the guardian's expression!

Teh Mutt said...

Hey, thanks, hehe.
Actually, my usual is sketch traditionally, but color digitally. Almost always a more animation friendly look, tho. Bold colors and cell shading. I hardly ever "paint" I guess.