Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things with Wings - Monarch's Henchmen

#24: Oh my God! They're staring at us! We look like total jackasses! That Justin guy's got an awesome dragon dude up! We don't even have real wings!
#21 : Ppff! As if we could! A normal human being would not be physically able to take flight with a wingspan smaller than 80 ft. Do some research for once, God!
#24: Look! They got swine flu and dragons! What have we got?
#21: Coccoon guns! Duh! And don't tell The Monarch this, but I totally swagged a custom-made Gears of War lancer on ebay with company money! We can totally pwn any of these guys!
#24: You're not even speaking English now.

1 comment:

Teh Mutt said...

haha, I think the script there is the best part. XD

Love those two; you've captured them well, lol.