Friday, October 30, 2009

shadow lurker..

It was about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning sometime last week. I'd been having trouble sleeping, so I had literally spent the entire night watching this Korean drama/soap opera thing about a girl pretending to be her twin brother in an all boy band because her brother had some strange injury to his lip or something. I wasn't paying that much attention to the fine details to be honest. But there I was, early-o'clock in the morning, and hungry. I figured, "hey, the sun is coming up soon, I might as well get a bite to eat and watch it rise just before I finally go to bed."

I get downstairs, and it's dark, and raining outside. I think I had stubbed my toe on a can of cat food that was just hanging out on the floor. "WHAT was the can of cat food doing there anyway?!" Oh well, I was hungry, on ward to make my cereal! Unfortunately, that was in the cabinet was an unopened box of rice crispies. Not really my choice cereal, but again, I was hungry. Fixed myself up a good sized bowl of rice crispies. I could still hear them popin' away when I went to put the milk away in the fridge.

You know, it's pretty relaxing to just sit there, in the dark, chompin' away at my rice crispies, and listening to the rain fall. My eyes were tired from being open all night long, and my muscles were unnecessarily sore, but it was a nice relaxing moment to have just before going to bed. I was about to finish up my cereal when I heard a loud "CRASH" and a POUND against the window. It startled the death right out of me. I looked at the window and saw two golden eyes staring back at me, and then I knocked my milk over, and the remainder of my cereal flew up in the air and landed all over the table cloth.

Once the milk settled into the table cloth and place mats, I heard a faint "meow" from the other side of the window, it was my damn cat. His fur is all black. Mom named him Salem, so original. See, the railing on the porch comes right up to the window there, and he jumped up on it to get my attention. I opened the curtains and found that he had knocked a plant pot over that used to be sitting where he now was. "YOU DAMN CAT!" I wasn't really mad at him. It was raining, he was soaked, so I let him in, and then he rubbed his wet black fur all over our white couches. I cleaned up the milk, and went to bed.

True story. Scared the hell out of me.

Any-who, there it is! Story and a picture. Happy Halloween peeps! I've got work today, and then it's my sisters actual 21st birthday party all night, so... I'm out for the rest of the weekend. Figured I'd get it up now. I originally wanted to animate this, but illness and time got the better of me. Happy Halloween, and Daylight Savings day right after that.

Set your clocks back.



Sean Ross said...

What? No Mothman? :(

Awesome texturing and color scheme.

It's a good thing I read your story. I forgot about daylight savings. Hurr durr.

ChuD said...

I love it!

It takes a sec to see the silhouette of the cat, which I like. Silly ol' Salem.