Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look at Me - Admiral Percival Scope

For this week I didn't get to finished this.  In fact, it's still in the rough sketch / yet-to-be-finalized-idea stage.  I'd like to complete it in the near future though, so once I do keep your eyes peeled around either here or on my blog.

Above are sketches of a character I'm working on, named "Admiral Percival Scope", or Perry Scope for short (and just when Todd thought I wouldn't sneak a pun in there somewhere).  Actually that's a double pun, because the esteemed admiral is quite short.  He's got quite the Napoleonic complex, and to cover for his lack of height he wears a gigantic periscope helmet.   In his words, it's to see his enemies before they see him; though most know that it's his vicarious attempt to tower over his subordinates.  As for the poor fellow at attention next to him, we'll tentatively call him "Ensign Resign" (as in giving in, subservient).  "Full speed ahead to the drawing board, men!"


Todd said...

Good stuff. Nice to see concept work. I like the personality captured in each of the characters. Shows that your posing is getting stronger. The top center one in red fits the bill. That being said, it is more designed "with type" thus it could fall into the group of cliche of characters that are short with napoleonic complexes (ala Mr. Spacely to name one). I find the image third from the left (one with what looks like an umbrella) provides a fun silhouette and it's designed more "against type." Maybe incorporate the "wide shoulder" concept on the top design by adding over-exaggerated shoulder decorations like old captains uniforms have. Play around more and develop his personality . The inside will help shape the outside. Good work.

Kristin/Spike said...

He's got quite a bit of punch to him. I like the splay of the legs in the bottom row. There's some fun in the awkward positioning there.