Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look at me! --self-portrait

Hey, folks! I thought of portraiture when I saw this week's subject. The pic is fairly similar to the photo I used for reference, but oddly the photo looks rather unlike me. Anyhow, this is me, or at least a me that I caught in a badly shot photo the other day. I look rather manly. o_O Just a quick sketch, really.

Oh, yeah, and I got caught up on comments! Starting with Mike's leaf for "In The Falling Snow" I have given everyone from then till now a comment, so I can fall behind anew this week. =/


Todd said...

You've got red lips. Were you going on a date in that ref. pic? lol. I like the speed of it. Justin mentioned this earlier but I want to as well. Your speed painting is really interesting and gives you a fun, more stylized yet painterly look. From what I remember of your face, your nose isn't that big. Well, since it's the "look at me" theme we could be getting... Nosey....haha. Nice work, girl!

Kristin/Spike said...

Yeah, I actually have a little nose. I'm not sure if this is an inaccurate drawing or a warped photo (quite possibly both). As for the lips. . . I think I was wearing lipstick, but I also couldn't get the right pink. (yeah, I'm lazy when I think I can get away with it.)

Thanks; I like speedpainting but I have some accuracy problems when I paint directly in Photoshop from my head (from reference usually isn't so bad.) Oh, yeah; I didn't get this week's topic e-mail! Both my mail accounts are working fine (I tested them) so I'm not sure what's up. Mind posting this week's topic on the blog? Thanks!

Mike R. said...

Spike in vogue! Cool stuff. I have to join the bandwagon and agree that your speed-painting style is working well. I'm not quite sure why, but this reminds me of Matisse's "Madame Matisse, 'The Green Line'". Perhaps it's because of the color scheme, red lips and darker hair (though not in the same style obviously). Either way, this has nice expression in the face and the lighting is fitting too. The eyes follow you, which is always something that draws viewers in.

To echo Todd, I agree that the nose is throwing it off a bit from how you look. Someone once told me that the nose is what often helps us recognize someone the most, possibly because of its centrality in the face. Other than this though, the only thing I would change is the slight bold line in your neck close to where the right collar is. However, this is a speed-painting so it's more about the expression. I like this over all, and can't wait to see more of what you do. Kudos, Spike!