Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paper Airplane--Out of Earth

Been a busy week, so I've just got a little doodle for you guys. I'm gonna comment on last week's drawings--you guys all did awesome work--but I'm beat right now. Hope you enjoy, & can't wait to see what this week's drawings are! =)


ChuD said...

Dang! I wish I could throw a paper plane that far. Oh, and big props on being one of the two only awesome people to post on time every week!
For a "doodle" it's quite nice. It's got kinda a fingerpaint/clay feeling to it. I wish you did that with the stars too though.

Todd said...

A different direction that I like. It doesn't have the really hard-core painterly feel to it making it seem a lot like a children's illustration book, an aspect I really enjoy. Almost has an "eco-space" theme. That being said, the bottom left corner seems a bit crowded with the stars. The wings look little odd perspective wise. And I'd like to see the debris with some speed lines like the plane just to give it that extra "umph" as it breaks through the atmosphere at windbreaker speed! Good job!

Mike R. said...

Nice work! I'll cast my vote in for the motion that the "fingerpaint" / "children's book" style is really cool. As for critique, I can't add much more to what Todd and Chud already said. Perhaps throw in some more stars in the bottom / middle right. And for the perspective on the wings, just extend the right wing a bit so that it looks the same length as the left.