Sunday, October 12, 2008

Look at me! Saturday Night Fe-VAH!

It's been a long week. Time to Par-ty! That's right he's saying "look at me, I can dance like John Travolta!" Just something quick since I've been quite busy this week. For some reason I felt this sketch merit inking. Unfortunately a lot of the energy was sucked out in the ink like many of my inks of the past. I'm out of practice. Well, hopefully the colors will revive the energy, haha! Dance the night away baby!


Mike R. said...

Listening to the Bee Gees again, Todd? This is a pretty cool character man. The saying "the clothes make the man" really applies to him. His attire, in fact whole appearance echoes his attitude and personality. The hair on his chest is a fun touch. And his haircut almost makes me wonder if it's fake, which I think adds humor to him. Your sketch of him also has a lot of energy in it, which you maintain in the file picture.

My main problem is in the perspective of his front-most leg. There's some good perspective going on in the arms; I like their arc, and though they make the same action the hands differ from one another. However, the legs don't feel quite the same, and I think you could put the front one forward more and maybe even recede the back one further. As for the color, in general I like his scheme and the idea of using the spectrum for the frame behind him (the '70s had such interesting taste in color). However, the blue circle seems a little out of place. Try making it the same color as his eyes, shirt, or perhaps even a silver. Or as two alternatives, you could 1. make the rainbow frame into almost a silver-reflective one, mimicing the glitzy nature of disco balls; or 2. keep the frame and make the disc into a squashed and somewhat subdued disco ball. Just some odd ideas to throw out there.

Overall this is a fun design. I'd like to see more poses / facial expressions. What's his name / story?

Kristin/Spike said...

There's definitely action here, although I think maybe his limbs get a bit TOO skinny. (I'm reminded of physics--force equals mass times acceleration, right? You've got movement and action with almost no mass in those areas.) It's a fun piece of work, though. =)