Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out of the Earth!!

"We join our heroes in the midsts of battle against the fiendish rock beast! They think they have him out numbered but it seems it's calling some of his friends to the party..."
Just a sketch this time. Been trying to work on blocking in characters and composition quicker and better and less messily.


ChuD said...

Yay for Earth Monsters! This is a pretty cool action piece. I'd really like to see it complete because right now its kinda busy and everything looks like its on the same plane. I really like the rock monster though, and the pose guy in the front.

Mike R. said...

This should be sub-titled something like, "Clayface Vs. Kung Fu Heroes", or "Batman the Anime-ted Series Banzai!!!", or "Clash of the Todd's-Artistic-Influences Titans".

Ok, but seriously, this pretty cool! I agree with Chud; this is really cool, but will look even sweeter when finished. In fact, it reminds me of the penciled version of a comic cover. You captured a lot of energy in this, especially in the linework of the main character. All the other surrounding elements tell a story too.

Mike R. said...

I need to work on my vocabulary...I use the word "cool" a bit too much, dontcha think?

Kristin/Spike said...

On the negative side, I can't tell what those dark shapes are in the foreground, and the dude in the back is getting lost a little. The gray blocks are competing for attention at this stage of the drawing.

And on the plus. . . instant read. Really cool. I saw the main focus guy right away, he stands out, and the drawing is tight--no confusion about anatomy or positioning. =) nicely done, I really like this!