Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look At Meeeeee!!!!

Wait, on second thought, probably a good idea not to look at her, unless you like getting stoned. Another all-photoshop drawing. I kinda like this one so I'm gonna continue working on it.


Kristin/Spike said...

She's gonna eat me! o.o At least I think it's a she.

As a sketch, I think it's coming along nicely.

Careful with the forms of those snakes. You've got the top lines lit, but a little more attention to planes could do you some good--lighting the top plane of each snake rather than the top edge, I mean. It would be cool to see those guys casting some shadows on each other (or on the Medusa). The shoulder/chest area is looking squished.

I like the color palette. Maybe it could use a bit more "pop" though.

Todd said...

Tripy dude. You've already beat'n us to the Holloween theme, haha. The hand could use a little work. The last two fingers we'd see a bit more of the sides of them so turn them a bit. Add more curve up with the index finger to just give a more interesting visual. Overall, creeeepy. Think I'm gonna have nightmares. Sweet work bro. I'm glad see your digital skills continually grow!

Mike R. said...

Creepy! There's yet another character I don't want to run into. First sand monsters, then Medusa...I'm afraid to see what the next creature will be! Just messin' with ya Chud. Nice (and timely) work as usual bro! The character herself is creepy already, but choosing to have her emerge from the dark, reaching forward is a nice touch to drive the point home.

Along with what Spike and Todd said, I would try to smooth out the chest area a bit. You've employed a sort-of rough, contrast-based style for the piece. Yet I think playing it up in the hand more and diminishing it in the face and then the chest even more so will push this further. Also, you could add the faint outlines of extra snakes behind the ones already there, which would add further depth to the picture.

Keep up the good work man! Looking forward to the next one too.