Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amp it up- Syncro Style

First off, I'm sorry for the unfinished pic. Not intentional. But unfortunately unforseen job hours and events happend. Not to mention I had a lot of correcting to do with this unique angle. Thus it never made past rough pencils. Though I intend to finish it!

Excuses aside, if you remember my TV show/ Senior Project (working title "Syncro-Harmony") you'll be a bit familiar with these characters. I redesigned them to show them older. The girl is Chloe, Bass is the one in the boy to the left, and Black Noise looking all cool takes the back seat. Look for the final version, it will be up soon! AMP IT UP!


Justin said...

Rockin'! Love the hands on Bass! Your style just keeps growing man. Background amps are awesome, and this actually feels like a band pic.

Since it's not finished, it's hard to crit, though I do have to say something about the angle. It's a great shot, but something about the spatial relationship between Bass and Chloe is off. Chloe looks like she's standing a lot deeper than Bass, but they're so close to each other, and Bass's feet and legs are WAY bigger. Again, you may be redefining how the ground is, so I'm not sure where that's going.

Overall though, solid piece, and I can't wait to see it finished!

Todd said...

I agree about Bass and Chloe. Bass has been harder than the other two. I'll be sure to tweak it in the final.

Kristin/Spike said...

I agree with Justin. Very nice angle and good composition. The positioning of Chloe's arms looks strange--they seem too far forward, I think she would push her shoulders back a bit more. Nicely done, still.

Forrest said...

ah screw you guys, a slight misconception of time and prior obligations messed with my submission. will have one for next week for sure though.

don't feel too bad though, I just spent 3 days in the woods with hot mormon women folk

Forrest said...

bah hit submit by accident...

I'm liking it todd, pushing the perspective on Bass would help the overall cohesion to fit with the rest of the characters and also reinforce the pizazz and dynamic quality to the camera angle.

me likes though