Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Fast sketch in Photoshop using some custom brushes (a few of which are from Unfortunately I couldn't get Robert Frost poetry out of my head while drawing it. I don't even like Robert Frost.


Todd said...

Has a Pastel-y look to it. I dig it. I like the sense of movement you gave with the mist. The only concern I have is that white on white. Some of the branches or tips of the branches have the potential to get lost within the other trees. Just a thought. Great job!

Mike R. said...
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Mike R. said...

Nice work once again Spike! I like this a lot actually...mind if I have a print of this? It's really calming. I especially like the texture on the trees, as well as the color.

If I had to critique anything, it'd be - as Todd pointed out - the near white-on-white of some of the branches. It's not much though; in fact, I think all it would be is brightening the foremost tree just by a hair, to differentiate it enough from the one to the immediate right. Or perhaps darken the other 3 just slightly.

On a side note, this reminded me of a short film. Have you ever seen, "The Man Who Planted Trees" by animator Frédéric Back? I think you'd like it!