Saturday, September 20, 2008

Industrial = Mass Produce

Here's my entry for the week!  I did some word association with the word "industrial" and got "mass produce".  And then, in classic Mike fashion (or more like Todd fashion), I made that a play on words and came up with mechanical fruit & veggies, i.e. "mass produce".  You all can beat me up later for the pun.

As for making it, I used Photoshop, a Wacom tablet, and Illustrator just for a little bit.  And now I'm going to eat some dinner because I'm hungry.  Keep up the good work everyone!

UPDATE: So I messed with the color a little more, and pushed the contrast.   Like it better than before.


Justin said...

What I think I like most about this piece is that the color palette looks like a WWI era public poster of some sort. However, the style is much more modern, and honestly this looks like something I should see spray-painted in Philly somewhere. Very cool Mike, different, but still definitely you.

I guess if I had to crit something, I would say maybe the bottommost conveyer is a little squashed in there. And it might be nice to have something more going on in the distance for the background, but lightly so it doesn't detract from the strength of what you've got.

But seriously, excellent work dude!

Mike R. said...

Thanks bro! I appreciate the comments & critique. Now that I look at the image, I really want to dirty it up a bit / make it look faded, give it some torn edges, etc.

As for the conveyor belt, I'll see if I can mess w/ it a bit some so that it's not as compacted (I noticed it while working but, alas, was pressed for time). And I like the idea of putting something faint and further in the background. Great ideas man!

And now to find me some mechanized apples...

Todd said...

Well, obviously you're expecting me to say "I like the theme," or "I digs bro!" Congrats, I dig the theme. Going off what Justin said, I would actually like to see it as a kind of propaganda poster. SO use the more 40's style and the coloring. A cool retro concept. A little gradient heavy. If you utilized flats and used gradients sparingly the gradients would have been stronger. Other than that, great job!

Kristin/Spike said...

Something about the color makes the whole thing feel kind of nauseating (which is probably your goal). Nicely done, Mike. I especially like the smoke from the apple stem. Maybe round out the contour lines on the watermelon? I'd also like to see the color be a _little_ bit more vivid on the apple in the foreground. Too bright would kill it, but a little bit more color would help it pop forward. It's a nice concept, too.