Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Falling Snow Samurai

Watch your back when the snow falls or else the Falling Snow Samurai (Say that 3x's fast) will cut you down. I really want to tweak that background for portfolio purposes cause this did turn out decently. I really like the outline free style just forgot how stink'n long it takes. Flash and trusty Wacom tablet.

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Mike R. said...

This is excellent Todd. It captures the feel of traditional Japanese art, but done so in your own graphic style. The limited palette makes it strong too. Part of me feels like you could limit it even more by making the surviving samurai's robes either more gold / yellow or more red. If you follow this link. . .
. . . you'll notice that the shogun (?) is set apart by his greater use of red, so you may be able to do the same effect with this. But at the same time, it looks good with the blue too. . .I dunno! Play with it and see.

Also, like we talked about it before, I'd like to see this printed on some tea-stained parchment.