Saturday, September 27, 2008


Done all in Photoshop with a couple custom brushes.


Todd said...

I enjoy the subtle color used. It reminds me of Sin City in that regard. It also seems to have a scratch board feel to it which I dig! One thing to point out is the "lines" of white in the background are parallel. Maybe take the brushes and create patches of clouds in a more staggered style to create more interest. But overall sweet job bro!

Mike R. said...

Awesome job Chud! I'd like to see this animated into a short; the style would look very interesting in motion.

I think two small things that would add to it would be 1) to throw in some subtle smoke trails around both the cigarette and the man's mouth, as if he's exhaling; and 2) to soften up just a bit the edges of the cast shadow on the ground.

I almost wanna go talk to the dude. He's seems kinda sad. Maybe I'd buy him a Guinnness!

Kristin/Spike said...

You might want to go a little bit easier on the texture brushes next time; the white in the background gives the impression of packed snow, rather than falling snow.

LOVE the shoes. =)