Saturday, September 20, 2008

Industrial eh?

Nothing says industrial like a crudely drawn comic! Yay!


Mike R. said...

Rock on, Chud! Nice work bro. What's the name of the little guy in the comic?

Justin said...

Haha, I listened to both of those bands while doing mine. Also Ladytron.

I gotta say, the one thing that really throws this off is the speech bubbles. All the other lines are very organic, and when you hit the precise bubbles it really feels out of place. For this style of comic, you should consider using those outlines as guides, and then drawing the bubble afterwards yourself by hand. You might also consider doing that with the panel borders, but that might be pushing it.

Maybe also push the difference in shades in the room? It all felt very similar, value wise.

(You misspelled "thieves" by the way. SPELLING POLICE! DUCK AND COVER!)

Is this part of a series of comics you've got going?

ChuD said...

hey, thanks for the comments guys. The little guy's name is Pit Gibbons.
Yeah, the speech bubbles are a little off. I wanted to do them by hand, but was running out of time before I had to split.
These are characters I wanted to do a comic strip thing with for a while, but never got around to it.

...can't believe I misspelled thieves...

Todd said...

Haha, the character at the computer so reminds me of you. And the one in the chair reminds me of Victor! I likes man. The way you messed around with the musical notes is a nice addition. Line art is a bit wobbly for as clean as the style looks. Either one of two things: 1-Dirty up your style and that will work perfectly, or 2- zoom in close on the picture when you ink it. Around 120% or more. Then when you zoom out it's clean line art! Amazing! And order now and you get....

Anyways, I'd go with option one 'cause I like dirty haha! Wonderful job bro!