Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeah its after the deadline, you bums can deal with it!

what's he looking at?

no clue.


Todd said...

Darn it what is he looking at?! I like that aspect of it. It really adds a fun, "open-ended" sense to the piece. The minimalism emphasizes that more so. His proportions are slightly off. And from the angle you drew him at, we wouldn't see his back leg. Overall solid piece!

Mike R. said...
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Mike R. said...

Welcome to the fray, Forrest! I agree with Todd on the simpleness of the scene. Really evokes that white-out feel winter has (OK, so I've not actually experienced many snowy fact, I could probably count the number of days on one hand...but I have seen snow in real life!). The guy's right leg position is throwing me off a bit. Actually, he kinda reminds me of you, Forrest; you know...looking out beyond the landscape a la Luke Skywalker, hoping one day to be the hero of the Rebellion...blurring your vision so that it looks like two rather than one sun on the horizon, etc.

Anyways, this is cool. And I think you should start doing a web-comic in this style. Woot!

Kristin/Spike said...

I think I'm gonna refuse to critique this. It's too pretty. I love the way it's stark and soft at the same time; lovely stuff. =)