Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yep the straggler again. I'm taking this in steps, haha! I delivered a more cleaned up pic but still no color. Though color would do this justice. Penciled in one day! Wowzers. Haven't done a city scape in a while. So to make up for the no color here's some concept art that looks better than the final product, haha!


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Kristin/Spike said...

Your concepts are lovely. Your finished piece, I have to agree, does not look as good as they do. What would help most would be watching your range of values here. Your strongest contrasts are in the background, and there's a wide range of values on every object. A little organization here will go a long way. The composition, too, needs a bit of organization.

Nice linework as usual, and an interesting assortment of items in the final. Ever tried doing a final piece in a scribbly fashion, like your machine concepts?