Saturday, September 20, 2008

Industrial: Lady Industry

I think I'm going to be the odd one out in this bunch in terms of style. This is not as finished as I would like, but it's all right considering the small amount of time I put into it. Probably full-color digital paintings are not the best thing to be producing on a weekly basis. I'll have to find some style or process more fitting for this. . . Hope you all like this one.


Mike R. said...

Very cool work, Spike! The giant ant reminds me of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", where the kids tame an ant and ride around on it.

But on a more serious note, nice work! I especially like the color palette and how the fence interweaves into the city structure.

Justin said...

Unintentionally, I think you've started a decent path to a "speedpaint" type style here. Stick with it! I'm sure the process will only get faster as you limit yourself. That, or something new and interesting will come out of your style. Plus, concept art isn't always super clean. Most of the time it's messy, so honestly, I wouldn't worry about delivering a full blown digital painting every time.

But I don't think you needed me to tell you that.

As for the painting, I think it's cool that she's framed by the chain-link fence. Really draws the eye to the center, which with huge buildings in the background helps keep her in focus. The perspective is excellent as well.

While I agree with Mike in liking the color palette, I feel that everything feels pretty light in terms of value. Maybe push the sky a bit? Darken some of the spots in the building maybe? Depending on how you've got things separated in Photoshop, maybe just play with the levels a little.

Good stuff

Todd said...

Really dig! I like the faded background to draw more attention to the figure. Good framing with the fence too. With a bit tighter perspective you could have given a more ominous look to the city. That's more a suggestion than a full on critique. I'm probly the only one pushing for more perspective 'cause I love forced perspective haha! Her face looks a little masculine but that could be due to the up-shot. They're tough. But overall solid.

Kristin/Spike said...

Thanks, everyone! I wasn't originally going for ominous, but a bright blue sky just didn't give it the "pop" that I think it needed.

Mike--the fence and colors were both things I didn't plan, they just ended up being the only things that worked for the problems I ran into.

Justin, yeah, it's kind of speedpainting-ish--I'll see where that goes. I'll have a look at how this image looks with some increased contrast.

Todd--I'll see how squashing those buildings a bit more looks.

Thanks to all, and happy drawing!