Saturday, September 20, 2008

Industry - Factory?

Mixing it up a bit!
Once I stop being lazy (sometime Sunday maybe) I'll put it up correctly with a page in flash so you can see it betterz.

Oh Gobstoppers, why can I not keep you from my mouth?

EDIT: Oh right, Flash, Wacom Tablet, GOBSTOPPERS.


Mike R. said...

Man, now I wish I had animated this week's entry...this isn't the last you've heard from me, Dunlap!

Oh, and I wrote you a poem:

The worker knows
That a small rose
So gently grows
Far, far belows.

Mike R. said...

Also, I like how the factory above is quite busy (boxes on the belt in the background, gears, steam, guys working, etc.) and then how you contrast that with the simplicity of the scene below. Actually, I'd like to see the story continue, what the guy goes with the flower, etc.

One thing that may help, but still trying to maintain the scene's simplicity, is to include a subtle object or two that hints at what led the worker there. I.e. you could throw in the hint of a ladder (coming from above) in the background, and perhaps a discarded tool (shovel, jackhammer, toolbox) to show that the man had business down there until he found the flower.

Todd said...

Nice little theme you got going. What might have been cool is if you had a plant as the power source for the factory. Kinda an ironic twist on tech. Though, that may not translate.

Kristin/Spike said...

I think Mike has been eating your gobstoppers, to judge from the poetry. =D

I like the spinning gears in the background in the opening.