Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can You Ride Like This?

So, I think my plans for the finished drawing weren't exactly realistic considering my time constraints, but since I got the main part done I'm pretty happy. Also, I've never done a motorcycle before, so I really wanted to get that right. Everything was done in Flash with a Wacom Tablet (THANKS FORREST!)


Todd said...

Wow I dig it man. Cool stuff. Your flash skills are quite strong now. Good job for the first.

Kristin/Spike said...

Beautiful linework on this! Although it took me a while to see the guitar; it's getting lost, since I can't see the strings.

Justin said...

Actually, you wouldn't see the strings because the guitar is facing outward. But you're right, the silhouette is getting lost, and I think it's because I was counting on the amp and cord to carry the identity... and then I didn't finish that, haha!

Todd said...

To add, it has great energy. You could jazz it up with speed lines and blurred areas on the wheels and body. And throw in a flying rock or something small as long as it's floating. It adds tension and anticipation thus making it more epic but in a subtle way.

Justin said...

Yeah, like maybe some rocks flying off the wheels.

Definitely needs speed lines - I was trying out ways to work that into the background in Flash too (wanna see just how much of this I can do in Flash alone).

Forrest said...


is that a vampire guitarist motorcyclist?

Tip the guitar up so you get a good look at the neck and tuning keys above his knee. That should help the silhouette.

And hell yeah wacom tablets.